Ordering conditions

1. Current general conditions are part of a catering service contract between a customer and Tervise Catering OÜ.

2. Tervise Catering´s price offer is whole and contains information about ordered products and services including the inventar needed for serving a food.

3. Client confirms Tervise Catering´s price offer by e-mail.

4. Client has a right to change confirmed order (including number of participants) four working days prior to the event the latest and changes must be presented in written format. Changes become effective only after written approval by both parties. Later changes are accepted by Tervise Catering only if possible or based upon prior agreement.

5. Based on a confirmed offer, the pre-payment invoice is issued and it covers at least 50% of order´s value uneless agreed otherwise.

6. The order is considered completed after the pre-payment amount has arrived to Tervise Catering bank account.

7. Incase the client cancels the order:

−     100% of advance payment will be refunded to the customer, if the cancellation happens 8 working days the latest prior to the event;

−     50% of advance payment will be refunded, if the cancellation happens 4 working days the latest prior to the event;

−     Tervise Catering OÜ remains the right to refuse from refunding a pre-payment, if the cancellation happens less than 3 working days before the event.

8. After completing the order, Tervise Catering presents to the customer a corrected price offer (includes fee for service overtime, extra beverages and services) and the invoice from what a prepayment has been deducted.

9. Client is entitled to send a complaint regarding the invoice in written format within 5 working days after the invoice issue date.