Our team

Tervise Catering is like a caring family, where each member has his own role and responsibilities. Due to a long-term experience our team approaches cooking adventurously and creatively. In Tervise Catering we welcome customers´ special wishes and implementing them in best possible way is an interesting challenge to us.

It is our pleasure to present you our wonderful and professional team.

Andrus Tanni
Member of the board

Andrus is one of the founders of Tervise Catering. As a creative director he is responsible for creative fulfilling of clients´requests and visual side of their events. Andrus is in fact a certified cook and cooking is one of his biggest passion.

He highly values local raw materials. During the spring and summer time you could find him often in the market choosing the best products.

Travelling is something what inspires Andrus and helps to come up with new ideas.

Andrus is full of energy and tries to attend as much events as possible and keep an eye on his team.

Tõnis Vaikmaa
Catering Manager

Tõnis is a co-founder of Tervise Catering. Catering business has been inseparable part of his life over 10 years already.

Tõnis is demanding on himself as well on his team.

He is responsible for company´s daily running. He always takes a moment to listen employees and help them to find the best solution.

Tõnis has a good sense of humour, which helps to keep the spirit up in tense moments.

He loves to travel and familiarize with different food culture.

Ragnar Bamberg

Every catering company is its chef face. Ragnar is the one, who binds the whole on the plate using high-quality raw materials, cooking skills and modern kitchen machinery.

Even the most complicated dishes are completed and served with ease under his leadership. Ragnar may seem serious from the first look, but actually he is cheerful and has a great sense of humour.

He approaches food creatively and always comes up with something special and intersting by mixing together different ingredients.

Argo Kuusik
Sales Manager

Argo started as a cook in Tervise Catering. Currently he is responsible for purchasing primary goods and creating recipe cards. Co-workers value highly his IT knowledge – his unofficial name within a team is IT guru. Hearing a good music and singing from the kitchen means only one thing – Argo is in the building.

Kristjan Umalas
Sales Manager

Sander Tui
Project Manager

The expression „a man like an orchestra“ is the most suitable for describing Sander. He is always there, when he is needed. Sometimes it even seems like he has not left at all. Sander has a great sense of humour. He is a father of two cute boys and he also has a caring attitude toward his colleagues. Sander likes sport very much. On Monday evenings you can find him from the volleyball field.

Kristel Velling
Project Manager

Liisu Rebane
Project Manager